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Training opportunities

Pacific Mobile supports their employees in developing the skills they need to elevate their careers and increase earning ability. Employees can work with their supervisors to identify development and training opportunities. Some programs include:

AWP Operator Certification

Access to training and information on what an aerial lift is, how to safely operate it, and how to perform required maintenance.

Forklift Operator Certification

Receive training and evaluation by Pacific Mobile Structures on the safe operation of a forklift.

First Aid/CPR Certification

Receive formal CPR training and pass the written exam certifying that you can perform adequate CPR skills.

HAZCOM Training

The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard is designed to protect employees from hazardous chemicals used or stored in the work setting.

Smith System
Driver Training

Behind-the-wheel instruction for drivers to increase the safety of commercial drivers and reduce the risk of major accidents on both highways and roads.


Safety measures to prevent or minimize falls from heights.


Training for supervisors to identify circumstances and indicators that may create reasonable suspicion that driver is using or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Outreach training that promotes safe and healthful work environments by training workers to identify, predict and avoid hazards in the workplace.

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